Information Consent Statement


Please read the consent statement below before proceeding.

Thank you for your interest in The CHOICE Project. The purpose of this research is to explore community understandings of care if faced with serious illness and help us improve how we communicate about available services. It is being conducted by health professionals and researchers at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and the University of Melbourne. Your participation in this project will help us to improve how we provide care and information to people with serious illness.

Participation in The CHOICE Project involves completing some questions before and after you are provided with some educational information. You will be asked to consider some choices facing a person diagnosed with incurable cancer and imagine how you might respond. Once you commence, you will need about 10 minutes to complete the study - please ensure you have enough time available before proceeding.

By proceeding, you consent for the information you provide us to be used as part of the research project. Your participation is anonymous - your responses will never be publically disclosed in a way that identifies you. Participation is also voluntary, so you are free to withdraw at any time during the study. However once you complete the study, you will no longer be able to withdraw your responses.

If you would like to receive information about the outcomes of this study or future related studies, you may provide your email address at the end of the study. If you are interested, we may email you again in future about related studies. However this is not compulsory - participating in this study does not mean you must also take part in future related studies.

Results from this study will likely be published in international medical journals, and disseminated via traditional and social media. It will be used to improve community education about choices for care available to people with serious illness.

If you have any questions or problems completing the study, please contact the principal researcher at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Anna Collins: phone 9231 1270 or email

This research is conducted under the governance of the St Vincent’s Hospital Human Ethics Committee and in accordance with National Health & Medical Research Council guidelines. If you have any complaints about any aspect of the study or the way in which it is being conducted you may contact the Patient Liaison Officer at St Vincent’s Hospital on (03) 9231 3108. If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, then you may contact the Executive Officer Research at St Vincent’s Hospital on (03) 9231 3930.

Thank-you for giving your valuable time to participate in The CHOICE Project.

You will now begin.