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Online Learning -                                  Palliative Care: Getting Started

Welcome to the Centre for Palliative Care's online learning module: Palliative Care: Getting Started!

The Centre for Palliative Care is a state-wide service based at St Vincent’s Hospital and is a collaborative centre of the University of Melbourne.  The Centre’s primary function is to provide training and conduct research in palliative care.  It provides programs and services in its own right and in association with a range of other organisations involved in education, research and delivery of palliative care programs.

Palliative Care: Getting Started has been reviewed by academics and clinical experts in the field of palliative care with regard to the content and delivery mode of the module. The learning module was primarily developed by the Centre's education team, with acknowledgement to Education Co-ordinator, Karen Quinn and Nurse Educator, Lyndsay Cassidy.

Why should I enrol in this online module?

Palliative Care: Getting Started provides a detailed introduction for health professionals caring for people and their families living with a life-threatening illness.  The module is evidence based, promotes best practice and includes links to relevant resources valuable for your clinical practice.  Although the course was developed in Australia, it has worldwide relevance for health professionals involved in the care of people with a life-threatening illness.

After working through this module you will be able to:

•           provide a definition of palliative care and its main principles

•           explore when a referral to palliative care can be beneficial to the patient and their family

•           describe the range of professionals that can make up a palliative care team

•           describe some common symptoms that people with a life limiting illness may face

•           explore some common palliative treatment options that can improve quality of life for both the
            patient and their family

•           identify some common medicines used to treat symptoms in palliative care

•           explain some common care considerations when caring for a dying patient and their family

•           identify some ethical issues around end of life care

•           explore usual bereavement responses and strategies to identify complicated bereavement

Who should enrol in Palliative Care: Getting Started?

All health professionals from a variety of clinical settings who have an interest in caring for patients and their families living with a life-threatening illness or who wish to find out more about palliative care.

How much does it cost to complete the module?

There is no cost to participants.

How do I complete Palliative Care: Getting Started?

The module consists of an introduction and six primary chapters to work through.  There is also a resource section with links to relevant key resources to assist you in the clinical setting.  We have included several interactive activities throughout the module.

How long will it take to complete?

The module will take approximatly 2 to 3 hours to complete in full or can be accessed multiple times and completed when convenient

Am I eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

Once you have completed Palliative Care: Getting Started, you will be able to print a certificate of evidence for continuing professional development hours for your own records.

Let’s get started…..

Please click on the link to complete a short survey about your clinical setting and discipline, to assist us in our evaluation of the module and to begin working through Palliative Care: Getting Started.

Palliative Care: Getting Started






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